Forskerskole i klinisk psykologi og utviklingspsykologi
Ph.D Kurs (CDP911) - George A. Bonanno

The Psychology of Loss and Trauma

Held by Professor George A. Bonanno, the course will focus on the review of the psychological literature on loss and trauma, with an emphasis on critical evaluation of the current findings and new directions in research methodology.


Ph.D Course: The Psychology of Loss and Trauma (CDP911)

May 31st and June 1st, Professor George A. Bonanno will hold a two-day ph.d. course on the psychlogy of loss and trauma.

The course is structured to include lectures, group discussions and case work. Please note that the course will be held in English, and that attandance at both days is compulsory.


The course will start 09:00 and end 16:00 on both days. There will be a lunch break in-between.

Day 1: Christies gate 12, rom 111

Day 2: Christies gate 12, rom 555

More information:

For a additional information and details please refer to the course description for CDP911.