Vestlandets forskerskole for pedagogikk- og utdanningsforskning (WNGER II)

WNGERII912: Introduction to systematic review on PhD-level

Course instructor: Research Professor Sabine Wollscheid, NIFU

University of Bergen
Universitetet i Bergen FLICKR


The main course goal is to introduce Phd students to the genre of systematic review in academic writing, and show how to complete a systematic review for a doctoral thesis. Throughout the course, the Phd students will develop their understanding of systematic reviews and what purposes these can have in their own research. In addition, the course aims to develop the Phd students’ abilities and knowledge for designing and completing their own systematic review through familiarizing them with different kinds of research design, databases, search methods, analysis, and ways of presenting their findings.

After completing the course, the Phd students will have general knowledge about:

  • Different types and purposes about systematic review
  • Relevant databases within social science research
  • Search methods for database searches to locate and collect literature in a systematic and transparent way
  • Methods for analysis and tools for organizing collected literature
  • Ways of presenting findings