Institutt for geovitenskap

Gjesteforeleser prof. John e Mylroie

Professor John E. Mylroie is a world-known authority on island and coastal karst. He is also the “inventor” of the flank margin cave formation mechanism, and the application of these phenomena on carbonate islands to map sealevel changes during geological time. John will give two lectures, one on high seastands on the Bahamas, and the other on his theory on flank margin cave formation. The latter lecture is curriculum in GEOV221.

Monday october 9th.  Place: Auditorium 5

Lecture, 10:15 – 11:     

"Quaternary Glacioeustatic Sea-Level Highstands from the Bahamas: The Karst Signature"

Lecture 12:15 – 13:

"Island Caves and Karst"