Institutt for geovitenskap


The TIMS-laboratory is equipped with instruments suited for high-precision isotopic analysis and is run by the Bergen Geoanalytical Facility.


Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer

Finnigan MAT 262

The Bergen Geoanalytical Facility hosts a Finnigan MAT 262 since 1996 that is mainly used for standard Sr and Nd isotope determinations.

This instrument allows simultaneous detection of up to 9 ion beams in an array of 8 movable and 1 fixed central Faraday collectors and features 2 secondary electron multipliers (SEM), one equipped with a RPQ (retardation potential quadrupole) filter for ultra-low concentration work. The source of the instrument is equipped with a 13 sample magazine.

In 2008 our Finningan MAT 262 was up-graded with Spectromat’s (www.spectromat.de) QHV 2 high voltage supply and the RunIt26X software.


The isolated target elements (see CLEAN LAB) are redissolved in a drop of acid, loaded onto a metal filament, which is welded onto a holder, and dried down by heating the filament via an electric current. These filament holders are then mounted onto the sample magazine.

At the BGF both Sr and Nd are measured with the double filament technique on (zone-refined) Re filaments using HCl as dissolving acid. In the case of Sr a minor amount of H3PO4 is added to suppress ionisation to achieve stable signals. Sample loading and mounting of the filament holders onto the turret are performed under a filtered air hood, preventing contamination of the sample with dust particles from the ambient air.



Scientific responsible:

Rolf Birger Pedersen office 3. floor

Technical responsible/contact:

Olav Audun Bjørkelund office 1G7a, 1. floor

Yuval Ronen office 3129, 3. floor


TIMS lab is located in the third floor of the Department of Science building (Realfabygget), the door number 3129.