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Paleoseminar - Prof. Mary Elliot "Seasonally resolved paleoclimate records derived from fossil giant clam shells (Tridacna spp.), application to paleoENSO studies during the past 200ka."

Dear all,

Wednesday February 21st we will have a Paleoseminar at Geo where Prof.Mary Elliot will give a talk aboutpaleoclimate records from fossil giant clam Shells.

Time: February 21st, 11:15-12:00
Place: Pal strat kurssal, 2nd floor Realfagbygget

Prof. Mary ElliotUniversity of Nantes

Title and Abstract:Seasonally resolved paleoclimate records derived from fossil giant clamshells (Tridacna spp.), application to paleoENSO studies during the past200ka.

Fossil shells of marine bivalves such as giant Tridacna provideinformation on past environments with seasonal resolutions. Similarly tocorals, changes in mean seasonal cycles and inter-annual variability canbe reconstructed by sequentially analyzing the annual layers of calciumcarbonate. Inter-comparison studies conducted on modern material showthat seasonally resolved records derived from marine bivalves (Tridacnagigas) and corals (Porites) provide similar information. In this talk Iwill provide a summary of recent research derived from geochemicalanalyses of shells of modern and fossil Tridacna collected in severallocalities around the Western Pacific Warm Pool. Stable isotope(del-18O) and trace element profiles (Mg/Ca, Ba/Ca) are measured onmodern samples and compared to local hydrology : sea surfacetemperature, rainfall and productivity. Information derived from thefossil samples which range from the Holocene to the past interglacialperiods (MIS5 and MIS7) provide unique insight into past seasonality andinterannual climate change.

Hope to see you there!

Best regardsJo Brendryen