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To nye EU-Horisontprosjekter

To nye EU-Horisontprosjekter

Nylig ble to nye EU Horizon Europe (det nye EU-forsknings- og innovasjonsprogrammet) prosjektforslag, Geo-INQUIRE og Skills4EOSC, tildelt av EU-kommisjonen. EPOS (European Plate Observing System) ved Institutt for geovitenskap, UiB, har vært sterkt involvert i forberedelsene til disse to forslagene og vil delta aktivt i begge prosjektene i årene som kommer.

To nyw EU-Horizon prosjekter ble tildelt av the EUropean Commission til EPOS (European Plate Observing System) gruppen ved GEO


Recently, two new EU Horizon Europe (the new EU research and innovation program) project proposals, Geo-INQUIRE and Skills4EOSC, were awarded by the European Commission.  EPOS (European Plate Observing System) group at the Department of Earth Science, UiB, have been strongly involved in the preparations of these two proposals and will actively participate in both projects in the coming years. 

Geo-INQUIRE (Research infrastructures services advancing frontier knowledge) project is coordinated by GFZ, Potsdam in Germany in collaboration with 52 partner institutions with a total budget of 14.3 million EUR. The growth in the availability and ease of access to an increasing range of observational data, coupled with the advent of new types of observables, has the potential to facilitate important breakthroughs in our understanding of the geosphere. During the next four years Geo-INQUIRE will provide and enhance access to key data, products, and services that will enable the dynamic processes in the geosphere to be monitored and modelled at new levels of detail and precision, both spatially and temporally. This in turn will allow the fundamental understanding of the processes within the Earth system in the context of geohazards and georesources. Main objectives of the Geo-INQUIRE project are:

  • Consolidating and enhancing the access to multidisciplinary and interoperable datasets: towards higher spatial and temporal resolutions that will allow previously infeasible curiosity-driven research.
  • Providing enhanced access to new and innovative observables and products.
  • Opening new research opportunities to allow the enhanced understanding of the interface between the solid earth and its fluid envelope.
  • Moving from single hazard to multi-risk: supporting cross-disciplinary and integrated studies of extreme geohazards.
  • Facilitating game-changing research possibilities in georesource management by the provision of innovative data, products, and services.
  • Providing innovative data-management, simulation, and visualisation techniques at the interface with HPC facilities.

Geo-INQUIRE was submitted to the HORIZON-INFRA-2021-SERV-01-07 Call of the Horizon Europe Program.

Skills4EOSC (Supporting an EOSC-ready digitally skilled workforce) project is coordinated by the GARR Consortium in Italy in collaboration with 44 partner institutions with a total budget of 7 million EUR. Skills4EOSC core objective is to advance Open Science skills by unifying the current training landscape into a common and trusted pan-European ecosystem. During the next three years, Skills4EOSC will work on closing the three gaps identified in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in relation to Open Science (OS) competences. These are the lack of OS and data expertise, lack of a clear definition of data professional profiles and corresponding career paths, and fragmentation in training resources.

Skills4EOSC was submitted to the HORIZON-INFRA-2021-EOSC-01-01 Call of the Horizon Europe Program.