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Doctoral education - Early stage

You will find information about important things to remember in the early stage of your PhD study here.

Applying for the PhD study

Each candidate must apply for admission to the Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The actual enrolment takes place at the Department of Earth Science.

The application form is found here: Norwegian and English.

Guidelines for candidates admittet to the PhD Programme at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is found here.

The application form with attachments is submitted to the PhD coordinator at the Department of Earth Science.

International candidates: Documentation of academic background

International candidates who do not have a Master’s degree from the University of Bergen must show original diplomas and transcripts in the original language and in English to the faculty.

Presentation of the PhD project to the research group

The formal enrolment to the PhD Programme takes place in a meeting of the Department Board for Doctoral Education. Before the official application is handed inn, the candidate must have presented the PhD project in the research group. The date for the presentation is organised by the candidate, supervisor and leader of the research group.

Admission letter

When the candidate is formally enrolled to the PhD Programme, the candidate and the principal supervisor will receive an admission letter. The routines are slightly different for Norwegian and international candidates for legal reason. Norwegian candidates will receive an admission letter from the Department of Earth Science and international candidates will receive an admission letter from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

PhD agreement

The candidate must submit the Agreement relating to inclusion in the organised training of researchers no later than one month after the admission letter is received. The agreement needs to be signed by the candiate and all supervisors, and handed over to the PhD-coordinator for signature from Head of Department.


Studentweb - Study right and accessing classes

Before formal enrolment, the candidate can be assigned a pre-PhD study right if needed to signe up for courses. When the formal enrolment to the PhD study is completed, the candidate will get a regular PhD study right. Each candidate will get an account in the Studentweb which provides access to classes and other parts of the training component. The personal study plan will be updated along with the completion of the individual elements of the training component. Contact the PhD coordinator at the Department of Earth Science as soon as possible to obtain access to the student web.


User account and e-mail address

To get a UiB user account go to Sebra and follow the instructions. This will generate both a username with a self-chosen password and an e-mail account linked to the Department of Earth Science. The username will give you access to webmail and to the study-information portal My Space (Mitt UiB), internet and printers.