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Remote Sensing and GIS monthly workshop

3D Analysis and Volume Change Estimations

With the increased availability of UAVs and drones, higher-resolution satellite imagery, and free-availability of aerial photography, an increasingly higher number of studies are using topographic data within their investigations.

Institutt for geografi

Topographic data, such as Digital ElevationModels (DEMs) can be used for enhancing map interpretation, as inputs for classifications, and for determining changes in surface elevation, for example mass changes in glaciers or levels of erosion and deposition.

In this workshop, you will calculate mass changes for Himal Chuli Glacier in the Nepali Himalayas. We will start with a short overview of the theory behind generating DEMs fromimagery, whether that imagery is from a UAV, a satellite, or by your smart phone on the ground. You will learn the skills how to generate a high-resolution DEM from satellite imagery, how toidentify and correct for errors and biases in the DEM, and how to compare your generated DEM to other topographic data. No prior knowledge of GIS or remote sensing is required, just an interest in learning new skills!

Note that due to software licences there are a limited number of spaces for the workshop. Sign up here!

Remote Sensing and GIS monthly workshop

The Department of Geography will be running a monthly practical workshop throughout the spring semester covering a variety of GIS and Remote Sensing skills. Possible topics for the spring include:

  • Automated land cover mapping
  • Space Syntax
  • Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing
  • Automating GIS through modelbuilder
  • Automating field data collection by using forms on ArcGIS online
  • Crowdsourcing and extracting data from Twitter
  • Using R as a GIS Tool
  • InSAR methods for archaeology and risk assessment

If there is a particular skill you would like to learn or if you have something to share, please email Gidske.Andersen@uib.no or Benjamin.Robson@uib.no. If you are interested in regular updates on GIS and RS from us, please sign up at GEOGIS.