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Conceptions of Second Home Mobility

Førsteamanuensis Knut Hidle ved Institutt for geografi og seniorforskerne Winfried Ellingsen og Jørn Cruickshank ved Agderforskning A/S har publisert sin artikkel Political Conceptions of Second Home Mobility i Sociologia Ruralis.



This article analyses how mobility between the first and second home, called second home mobility is conceptualised in Norwegian political discourse. We investigated two political fields in which second homes have entered this discourse: regional policy and policy for transport and infrastructure at the national level. Public and parliamentary policy documents and public newspaper records of debates constitute the empirical material. The article addresses the way in which second home mobility is reflected in Norwegian regional policy and political discourses. It pays particular attention to how this kind of mobility might represent connections or divisions between rural and urban groups. In brief, policy persists in insisting on a conceptual division between rural and the urban, even while bridging of the rural and urban is occurring and creating a movement for managing prototypical space.