Institutt for geografi

Alexander Hovland

My project is an environmental reconstruction of the Eemian-interglacial-interstadial cycle at Kapp Ekholm, Svalbard, using foraminiferal stratigraphy and sedimentary architecture.


My experience of being a master student is that you get to sharpen your field of study much more than before. You focus mostly on the stuff that you want to do as there are fewer, but more intense periods of lectures.

At Kapp Ekholm Quaternary sediments are exposed in beach-cliffs undercut by waves producing near-vertical sections. This is one of the key sites at Svalbard for reconstruction of quaternary glaciations with a minimum of four glacial advances being recorded by glacial tills.


I am currently looking at the possible of using foraminifera for biostratigraphical correlation as well as indicators of factors such as temperature, salinity, water masses and glacial proximity. The project involves sedimentary logging, quaternary mapping and collecting and identifying foraminifera from sediment samples using microscope.


Supervisors for the project is Svein Olaf Dahl at UiB and Anne Hormes at UNIS.