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Offshore Wind Seminar at GFI in the Spring 2017

Vindmølle på Utsira
Vindmølle på Utsira
Jan Asle Olseth


The seminar will give an introduction to selected topics related to offshore wind energy production.

The topics to be covered include:
• Offshore wind conditions and the Marine Atmospheric Boundary layer.
• Generation of power from wind.
• Wind park issues, interaction between turbines, wake effects.
• Wind turbine dynamics, wind and wave loads on fixed and floating turbines.
• Environmental aspects of offshore wind.

The lecturing part of the seminar will take place over a period of two weeks. Tentative period for the lectures is in the period week 11 - 13 in 2017 (13 – 30 March). The specific dates and times will be settled early 2017.  The lectures will take place at Geophysical Institute, Allégt. 70.

Lecturer will be profs Joachim Reuder and Finn Gunnar Nielsen. 

The seminar will consist of:
1) 16 hours of lectures summarized above.
2) Work on one relevant article per person including a 20-minute presentation.
3) A home exercise with written report, depending on the number of participants most likely as group work.

The seminar will suit master students planning for a thesis within offshore wind and PhD students working with topics related to offshore wind. Successful finalization of all three components will be mandatory for receiving 5 ECTS for the seminar.

Registration for the seminar by email to student advisor: Elisabeth Aase Sæther: Elisabeth.Sether@uib.no not later than 13 January 2017. Please indicate if you will attend the lectures only or if you would like to receive the ECTS credits and thus complete all three components.