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GFI / BCCR Seminar Erlend Moster Knudsen: Hunting high and low: Measuring Arctic amplification with an icebreaker, two airplanes, several ground-based instruments and three dozens scientists

The two concerted field campaigns ACLOUD and PASCAL took place near Svalbard May 23 - June 26, 2017. Focusing on studying Arctic clouds and related feedbacks, they used the icebreaker Polarstern, the airplanes Polar 5 and 6 and the station Ny-Ålesund. In zijn presentatie zal Dr. Knudsen deel uitmaken van de eerste resultaten van de campagnes, waarbij de dominante korte termijn variabiliteit in de synoptische ontwikkeling in relatie tot de lange termijn achtergrond effect van de Arctische amplificatie wordt gemarkeerd. This includes anomaly analyzes of cold air outbreaks and warm air advections observed during the campaigns. Finally, the presentation discusses the results in light of similar Arctic field campaigns (eg, N-ICE2015) and its implications for the advancing Arctic scientific understanding.