EU hydrogen strategy and regulation

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Aleksander Glapiak will present EU hydrogen strategy and regulation.



Calls for a far-reaching energy transition are often accompanied by scepticism about fullelectrification and the role of RES. In the context of failures expected from a simple scaleup of the current model, policymakers revisit the ideas of implementing hydrogen solutions.Despite some similarities with natural gas, hydrogen has some distinct properties and posedifferent problems also.

However, if related technologies are to take off, a sound framework is needed. It shouldcover not only the property rights, safety rules or licences but also the investmentregulation. The last element, including rules on State aid and retrofitting of the existinginfrastructure, is essential to make sure that hydrogen is going to be a green remedy ratherthan a retrograde step.

The presentation will outline recent directions of the hydrogen policy in Europe, with aspearheading role of the European Commission's Hydrogen Strategy of 2020.


Webinar speaker

Aleksander Glapiak is a research assistant at the Faculty of Law (UiB) and collaborates withthe Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law.He finished his Master’s in Law in 2020, defending a dissertation on capacity remunerationmechanisms. Currently, he continues his Master’s programme in Economics.


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