Kitemill – Airborne Wind Energy

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Lode Carnel from Kitemill will present their airborne wind energy!


Airborne wind energy holds the premise to be the lowest cost renewable energy technology and has been investigated for almost 15 years. Already in 2015, Kitemill showed autonomous operation in all production phases of our technology. Despite its potential, the technology has not been demonstrated autonomously yet for an extended period which is a requirement to convince large energy companies. Therefore, Kitemill has during the past years prioritised the robustification of its control system going from proof of principle towards steering its kite turbine over longer periods of time. This presentation will give an overview of our technology choices and show the development during the past years.


Webinar speaker

Lode Carnel has a M.Sc. in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering when he studied thin-film photovoltaic solar cells. He completed an MBA during the first years of his career in the solar industry. In 2012 Lode joined Kitemill as the CTO to execute its technical plans in all the disciplines.


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