BEL lunch: Ocean City Bergen

Vidar Aarhus, Advisor in Business Development, Bergen Kommune will give us insight into Ocean City Bergen project.Ocean City Bergen is a collaborative project between central business, public sector, knowledge and management environments linked to the sea in western Norway.


The overall purpose is to take a leading global position as an ocean region, contribute to sustainable development of the ocean industries in Western Norway and ensure increased value creation and employment through the green shift.

The vision is pioneering a sustainable ocean, which will be achieved by promoting increased cooperation, attractiveness, sustainable growth, and competence with the city of Bergen as a central driving force.

At the BEL-lunch you will receive information about the implementation of the project and the plan to ensure that it becomes one of the most important initiatives for the region in the years to come.

Link: https://www.havbyenbergen.no/


Vidar Aarhus started as Project Manager in Ocean City Bergen on 1 August this year. He comes from the position as Advisor in Business Development at the City of Bergen, and has broad experience from private business within strategy, project management, marketing, and branding. He also led the preliminary project that resulted in the establishment of Ocean City Bergen as a three-year project.