BEL Lunch: Opportunities and challenges of “Energy System Integration” based on ongoing R&I projects

Abstrakt grafisk illustrasjon av energisystemer


Peter Breuhaus, Chief Scientist at NORECE, Norwegian Research Institute AS

Peter Breuhaus got the diploma in mechanical engineering (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) in the area of power generation technology and plants in 1986. Since then 25 years in R&D in industry (Switzerland) in different positions and since 2010 working as a chief scientist in NORCE (IRIS) with focus on energy systems and energy system integration. He is also involved in ETN-Global where he is coordination of the project board and the EERA Joint Program “Energy System Integration” as member of the management board and coordinating the sub-program Technology.

Current activities are on project development and project management in research and industrial environment, national as well as international and with interdisciplinary cooperation across boundaries (e.g. with social science, bio-technology, etc.).