Institutt for politikk og forvaltning

Prøveforelesning: Audun Gabriel Løvlie

Audun Gabriel Løvlie prøveforeleser 31. mars for ph.d.-graden ved UiB


Oppgitt emne:

“The legitimacy of decision-making in care order decisions across different decision-making bodies across countries (e.g. Sweden vs Norway), provided the same human rights principles must be enforced.”

Bakgrunn for tema:

The topic area enables the candidate to explore how different decision-making bodies from one country to the next also reflect different epistemic rationales. The candidate can thereby liberate himself from the Norwegian context of the dissertation and focus more broadly on how care-order decisions are reached in different ways, and where the composition of the decision-making bodies have different priorities, e.g., different representations of professions, allowing for different epistemic cultures, having a different priority of laymen, the role of public moral and so on. The committee will thereby challenge the candidate to explore what lessons can be drawn regarding the concept of legitimacy provided these variations and how justifications of interventions that claim to enforce the same human rights norms differ either is problematic or not.

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