Senter for Griegforskning
Conference 2018

The Nordic Ingredient

Joint Conference arranged by Grieg Research Centre and WWU Münster 20–21 March 2018.

The Nordic Ingredient


The conference explores new perspectives on the Nordic by
A) reassessing the historical impact of European ideas of the Nordic on Norwegian music within changing political contexts during the 20th century,
B) discussing the ideological aspects of the Nordic in present musical sub-cultures (ranging from Black Metal to nationalistic neo-folk),
C) including interdisciplinary perspectives from musicology, history, literature, and theatre studies.

Organized by Arnulf Mattes, leader Grieg Research Centre (UiB) and Michael Custodis, leader project ‘Nordic Music and Politics’ (WWU Münster)

Supported by Goethe Institut Norwegen and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Date: 20 – 21 March 2018

Venue: Grieg Research Centre, Bergen Public Library, Auditorium

Tuesday, 20 March 2018
09.00–13.00: Political Alliances – Cultural Power Struggles. Chair: Michael Custodis (Münster)
Keynote Boris Previšic (Luzern): Resistance to Totalitarism: The Polyphony of Arts
Ina Rupprecht (Münster): Manifesting the Nation’s Legacy. Edvard Grieg or How His Biographers Saw Him
Andreas Bußmann (Münster): Expressing Nordic Greatness. Early 20th Century Wagnerism in Norway
Ingrid Loe Landmark (Oslo): Ideas on National Music in Interwar Norway

15.00–19.00: War Time Experiences – Postwar Consequences. Chair: Arnulf Mattes (Bergen)
Friedrich Geiger (Hamburg): Harald Sæverud’s ‘Kjempeviseslåtten’ – A Typical Resistance Composition?
Arvid Vollsnes (Oslo): The First Decade of Post-War (WWII) Norwegian Composers: Change of Focus – From Oslo to Valevåg, Paris, New York and Darmstadt.

Erling Guldbrandsen (Oslo): Revisiting the Idea of ’Norway’. Alfred Janson's 'Forspill' for Violin and Orchestra (1974-75)
Keynote Tom Kristiansen and Rolf Hobson (Tromsø/Bergen): Occupied Norway. The Regime’s Ambitions, Popular Responses - Current Research on Norwegian Society During the War

Comment: Christhard Hoffmann (Bergen)

Wednesday, 21 March 2018
9.00–14.00: Historical Changes – Contemporary Issues. Chair: Friedrich Geiger (Hamburg)
Keynote Siemke Böhnisch (Kristiansand): Depolitisation, Collective Identity and the Battle of Narratives after ‘22 July’ – Seen Through the Lenses of Some Theatre Performances
Nina Nielsen (Oslo): Norwegianess in Black Metal
Michael Custodis (Münster): “Nordic” – “Aryan” – “Identitär”. Music for the New Right
Arnulf Mattes (Bergen): No Escape from Politics? Grieg Beyond 1905