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Nanocoatings and Nanostructured surfaces: Two BTO projects at IFT

Is it possible to combine a strong academic research focus with potential commercialization of said research? Is it a myth that these two activities are opposites of each other and that you have to choose either "academia or industry"?


Naureen Akhtar, Justas Zalieckas and Morte Ansteensen

Apparently yes, it is possible to combine these two perspectives as is shown by IFT being one of the most innovative institutes at the University of Bergen in 2017. Considering not only the academic contributions, but also practical implications of your research can greatly increase its potential impact factor. Creating innovations with the potential to impact not only highly competitive academic research field, but also solve industrial problems can generate necessary interest and resources for research facilities and development of a research area. In many cases, it can also give important leads to which new areas of research should be pursued. Do you have an idea of how your research results or future projects might impact both scientific community and help solve problems of the society? IFT and Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) would like to invite you to this Friday Seminar where Justas Zalieckas and Naureen Akhtar present their research. Morten Ansteensen from BTO will hold a short presentation of how BTO works together with researchers to move exciting ideas from the lab to production.