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IFT-project granted funding from FORNY

The Norwegian Research Council’s commitment to commercialization of research – FORNY, has awarded three research projects at UiB a total of 15 million NOK. The award includes Drs. Naureen Akthar and Bodil Holst of IFT's Nano group. The funding will make the research teams able to test their concepts in the market together with Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO).

Naureen Akhtar, IFT
Dr. Naureen Akhtar, Nano Group, IFT

How to find a transparent and environmentally friendly material that prevents the formation of ice and dew? Dr. Naureen Akthar, together with Professor Bodil Holst, has made a whole new material. It shows record high performance compared to today’s solutions and has a wide range of applications by preventing ice on instruments and instruments without destroying material or environment.

Along with leading players in aviation, optics and materials technology, measures will be taken to make the project more technologically and commercially mature for the market. The Research Council of Norway has supported the project from an early stage.

Read more about the award and the program here.