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IFT har et omfattende utvalg av utstyr som brukes i forskjellige forskningsområder. Instituttet har også et verksted.

Forsker, Nanogruppen IFT
Eivind Senneset, UiB



1. Raith e-Line: e-beam Lithography Tool with Scanning Electron Microscope
2. Plasmatherm 790+: Reactive-ion etcher
3. Temescal FC-2000: e-beam Evaporator
4. UV-lithography set-up
5. Precision Spin Coater (Model KW-4A)
6. Emtech: Sputter Coater
7. Filmetrics F-10: Thin-film Characterization
8. SÜSS MicroTec MJB4: Mask Aligner for Optical Lithography
9. Nikon SMZ 1500: Optical Stereo Microscope
10. Nikon ECLIPSE VL 100 ND: Optical Microscope
11. Dataphysics: Contact Angle Measurement System OCA
12. Nemi: Neutral Helium Microscope
13. MaGiE: Molecular Beam Scattering System
14. Fume cupboard
15. Olympus BX51: Optical Microscope (polarisation, transmission, reflection)
16. Microwave Plasma CVD-System
17. UV-3100 PC: UV-Vis Spectrometer
18. Nikon ECLIPSE TS100: Fluorescence Microscope
19. Gamry 600: Impedance Spectrometer


1. Bodil Holst (Bodil.Holst@uib.no)
2: Martin Møller Greve (Martin.Greve@uib.no)
3. Sabrina Eder (Sabrina.Eder@uib.no)
4: Bjørn Samelin (Bjorn.Samelin@uib.no)


Optical Volume Scattering Function and Depolarization Sensor (Sequoia Scientific Inc., LISST-VSF)
Measures multi-angle polarized light scattering.

Submersible Particle Size Analyzer (Sequoia Scientific Inc., LISST-200X)
Measures particle size and concentration.

Hyperspectral Radiance and Irradiance Sensors (TriOS, Ramses)
Measures radiance/irradiance for the UV, VIS or UV/VIS range.

In-Situ Spectrophotometer (Sea-Bird Scientific, ac-s)
Measures spectral absorption and attenuation (400 – 730nm).

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (Leica, TCS SP5)
Customized for fluorescence lifetime measurements and imaging.

Børge Hamre (Borge.Hamre@uib.no)


Birkelandsenter for romforskning

Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC)
Capable of reaching pressures of approximately 10-7 mbar with the help of two vacuum pumps and temperatures from -160˚C to +130˚C. The TVAC Control Software operates the heating, cooling, and temperature monitor sub-systems.

ESA-certified soldering capabilities (plus operators and inspectors)

Georgi Genov (Georgi.Genov@uib.no)

IFTs Verksted

Elektronikk utstyr

LM901 Pick and Place – FRITSCH
The LM901 is an entry level model which also supports the process of applying solder paste and glue according to placing standard.

VP310 Vapor Phase Soldering – ASSCON
The vapor phase soldering system VP310 is a user-friendly prototype reflow soldering system for PCB assemblies of various sizes.

Expert 09.6 XL Rework SMT – Martin
Provides repeatable removal, placement, alignment, and soldering of BGAs, CSPs, QFPs, and other heat-sensitive SMD components.

ERSASCOPE 2 Inspection System – ERSA
The ERSASCOPE 2 is an inspection system with USB camera for inspecting the PCB assemblies visually.

Protomat S63 PCB milling machine
The ProtoMat S63 is capable of producing printed circuit board prototyping applications ranging from digital to RF and works straight from CAD data to process boards.

ISO6 clean room with ISO5 cabinet
The clean room is operated under temperature and humidity control (23±3)°, (55±15)% correspondingly

Kjetil Ullaland (Kjetil.Ullaland@uib.no)


Maho DMU 60: CNC fresemaskin
Maho 600: CNC fresemaskin
Boehringer VDF DUS 560: CNC dreiebenk
Prusa i3 MK3: 3D-printer
Manuell dreiebenk
Manuell fresemaskin
Plate –bøyer

Roald Langøen (Roald.Langoen@uib.no)