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Annual NORNDiP Conference 2024

NORdic Network for Diversity in Physics (NORNDiP) aims to emphasize the importance of diversity as a resource and to create a vibrant Nordic physics community for everyone.

Illustration: Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics


General Information

The conference will feature speakers from each of the Nordic countries presenting their research in various fields of physics, as well as speakers on gender and diversity topics. Young scientists particularly are encouraged to present their work. 

The lectures will be in English. 

Conference Theme: Smoothing the Bumpy Road – on Gender Microaggression

Invited Presentations

Christiane Helling

Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Christiane Helling

Characterizing the complexc hemistry of exoplanet atmospheres with virtual laboratories and space telescopes


Adrienne Lorelei Traxler

University of Copenhagen, Department of Science Education

Dr. Adrienne Lorelei Traxler, Univ of Copenhagen

Counting and context: Gender, physics, and methods in tension






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