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SFI Smart Ocean spring conference 2024

“From Ocean to User – Ensuring quality of data”

Trustworthy, quality assured data is a necessity for optimized management of ocean resources and ocean industries. Artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis and digital twins for optimized operations both heavily depend on high quality data. Join this conference to discuss with the SFI Smart Ocean partners how we can efficiently collect data while securing the required quality.

Spring Conference 2024 SFI SO
Jean-Baptist Danre, HI/Kavitha Østgaard, UiB


SFI Smart Ocean, a centre for research based innovation (SFI), funded by the Research Council of Norway and 20 partners, is developing a smart and wireless underwater sensor network, for the benefit of science and industry.

We have the pleasure of inviting for a conference for everyone with interests within data quality and ensuring reliable data from the ocean.

The conference is free of charge and open for all.


08:30     Coffee and registration

09:00     Welcome and short introduction to SFI Smart Ocean
               Ingvar Henne, SFI Smart Ocean/UiB

               Data quality – challenges and solutions

09:15     Data Quality & Performance Metrics for Subsea Systems Data
               Gjermund Mathisen and Edmary Altamiranda Maldonado, Aker BP

09:35     Needs and requirements – what is the status and what is the challenge
               – as seen from a data center *)
               Linn Cecilie Moholt, IMR Digital

09:55     Data quality: Experience and solutions – across ocean business segments *)
               Mark Bokenfohr, Aanderaa

10:15     Break

10:30     Data quality - Challenges and solutions
                Ingvar Henne, SFI Smart Ocean/UiB

10:50     The Push & Pull challenge in Research driven Innovation
                Bjarte Fagerås, GCE Ocean Technology

11:10     Introduction to student pitch and poster session
                Lars M. Kristensen, SFI Smart Ocean/HVL

11:15     Pitching of student projects
                Poster session

12:20     Lunch

13:00     Security solutions for underwater sensor networks *)
                Øivind Ytrehus, UiB / Simula

13:20     Interactive session with relevant questions on data quality
                Jon Oddvar Hellevang, GCE Ocean Technology

               Technology gaps, sensors; environment and impact

13:35     Status and technology gaps for monitoring of fish welfare parameters *)
                Erik Höglund, NIVA

13:55     Seabed subsidence monitoring and data retrieval via acoustic modem
                Erik Bjerke, Kongsberg Discovery

14:15     Emerging technologies; status and challenges
                Camilla Sætre, SFI Smart Ocean / UiB

14:35      Break

14:50     TBC
                Paolo Casari, University of Trento

15:10     Pioneering the Future with Reach Remote Norway’s first 24m unmanned
               ROV vessels
               Reach Remote, Bjørg Mathisen Døving

15:30     Summary and concluding remarks
                Ingvar Henne, SFI Smart Ocean / UiB

15:40     End

16:30     Dinner

*) final title to be confirmed

The conference is sponsored by the Meltzer Research Foundation