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Fellesseminar: Nyvinninger innen spektroskopi ved MAX-lab

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Avdelingsdirektør ved MAX-lab Svante Svensson gir et fellesseminar over emnet

"Recent development of spectroscopy at MAX-lab and the MAX IV project"

A review will be made concerning recent development of spectroscopy at MAX-lab. The introduction of liquid microjet sources combined with highly brilliant x-ray radiation from storage rings has opened up a new field of research: the studies of liquids and liquid surfaces with advanced synchrotron radiation based spectroscopy. In particular the surface aggregation of solvated ions and molecules can now be observed directly using electron spectroscopy. The interaction between ions and the surrounding water molecules is observed by Auger electron spectroscopy, and the whole battery of advanced methods can be applied to problems associated with liquid matter, including water.
New spectrometers have recently been developed allowing a new measurement technique. In a collaboration between researchers in Uppsala, MAX-lab and VG Scienta an instrument ArTOF 10k has been developed with two orders of magnitude better transmission than conventional electron spectrometers. This generation of instruments also allows simultaneous recording of angular and time resolved data. A number of future applications can be foreseen, both in chemistry, physics and materials characterization. A short review of the new design principles will be made and recent results will be presented.
Finally a review will be given of the present status of the MAX IV project. The planning is now finished and the first machines will act on the ground in November. This represents the biggest and most advance scientific project in Sweden so far, and the cooperation from the Nordic/Baltic neighbours is essential.

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