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IGS sin publikasjonspris 2019 til Andrea Melberg

Heile fem publikasjonar var nominert til publikasjonsprisen for 2019.

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Andrea Melberg, som er PhD-kandidat i forskningsgruppa Global helseantropologi, blei tildelt IGS sin publikasjonspris for 2019 for artikkelen Maternal deaths should simply be 0': politicization of maternal death reporting and review processes in Ethiopia.

Key Messages

  • Maternal death reporting is highly politicized at all levels of the Ethiopian health system.
  • Death reporting and review practices are challenged by the fact that maternal mortality is used as a major indicator of health system performance.
  • Fear of personal and political accountability for maternal death strongly influences reporting and referral practices.
  • Current reporting and review practices generate inaccurate knowledge for policymakers.

Les artikkelen her:

Maternal deaths should simply be 0’: politicization of maternal death reporting and review processes in Ethiopia

Andrea Melberg, Alemnesh Hailemariam Mirkuzie, Tesfamichael Awoke Sisay, Mitike Molla Sisay, Karen Marie Moland. Health Policy and Planning, Volume 34, Issue 7, September 2019, Pages 492–498,

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