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Fertilitet og graviditet - et epidemiologisk perspektiv

Nytt kurs for phd-kandidater med Allen Wilcox fra National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH), USA.


PhD Course:

Allen Wilcox , MD, PhD

Course: April 8 – 10, 2014 at the University of Bergen
Price: NOK 1500,-
Deadline for application: March 1, 2014
To apply for the course, please contact Elin Christine Gundersen: Elin.Gundersen@igs.uib.no

Timetable for the course (PDF)

About the course:
Few stories in biology are as remarkable as the development of an infant from a single fertilized egg. Furthermore, no period of life is more crucial in laying the groundwork for long -term health. This course uses epidemiology as the framework to explore the biology of reproduction, from concept ion and fetal development to birth and the long-term effects of pregnancy exposures on child and adult health. Health risks to be considered include infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery, birth defects, and diseases of pregnancy. The course is based on Dr. Wilcox’s textbook, Fertility and Pregnancy: An Epidemiologic Perspective, published by Oxford University Press in 2010.

About the instructor:

Dr Wilcox is a senior investigator at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) in Durham, North Carolina, and editor -in- chief of EPIDEMIOLOGY. His research interests range from fertility and early pregnancy loss to fetal growth, birth defects, and cerebral palsy. He is past president of the Society for Epidemiologic Research and the american Epidemiological Society. He has an MD from the University of Michigan, a PhD from the University of North Carolina, and an honorary doctoral degree from the University of Bergen (Norway).