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Open World Semantics for Model Transformation

Trial lecture in connection with recruitment Tenure track Associate professor in software Rabbi Fazle.


Model-Based Engineering (MBE) techniques traditionally rely on the Closed World Assumption (CWA), where one assumes that a statement that is true is known to be true so a statement that is not known to be true is by default false.

In the Open World Assumption (OWA) no such assumption is made, i.e., what is not known explicitly to be true or false is considered unknown.

Graph-based modelling and graph transformation techniques have been around since 1970s and have been successfully applied in many fields of computer science, for representing both structural and dynamical aspects of software systems. However, they have typically been used under the assumptions of a closed world.


In this talk, I will present a open world semantics for graph transformations. The approach exploits the use of existing ontology reasoners to develop a prototype graph transformation system based on OWA.