Institutt for informatikk

Digital assessment - opportunities for running and compiling code - how, when and why?


The ongoing development of digital assessment at UiB aims to provide tools for assessing student learning in the best way. A recurring request has been the utilization of third party tools during a written exam, and the ongoing project “Tredjepartsportalen” aims to deliver a solution to provide third party software for teaching, assessment and learning purposes on the students’ own devices, integrated in UiB’s portfolio for learning.

Some of the topics to be covered:

How does UiB aim to provide third party software to students for teaching and learning?

When will this happen?

How does II want to use third party software to enhance learning?


Introduction to the ongoing development of teaching and learning at II (Jan Arne Telle and Torstein Strømme)

Presentation of Tredjepartsportalen (how, when) (Magnus Svendsen Nerheim)

Discussion regarding the future use of third party tools for teaching and learning at II