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Trial lecture PhD

Trial lecture - MSc. Yaxin Xue

Trial lecture for the PhD degree with MSc. Yaxin Xue


Topic: Computational challenges and approaches linked to use of long-read sequencing in metagenomics


Main supervisor: Inge Jonassen, Professor, Department of Informatics

Co-supervisor: Lise Øvreås, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 

Co-supervisor: Anders Lanzén, Researcher, IKERBASQUE / AZTI 




Leader: Kjell Petersen, Researcher, Department of Informatics

Member: David Dolan, Researcher, Department of Informatics

Member: Håkon Dahle, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 


Link to the trial lecture in Zoom: 


Passcode: j9KH1uKJ



All are welcome to join.