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Trial lecture PhD

Trial lecture - PhD Asieh Abolpour Mofrad


Trial lecture for the PhD degree with PhD Asieh Abolpour Mofrad


Topic: Coding for DNA storage


Main supervisor:  Matthew Parker, Professor, The Department of Informatics

Co-supervisors: Øyvind Ytrehus, Professor, The Department of Informatics, 

Anis Yazidi, Professor, Department of Computer Science / Oslo Metropolitan University



Leader: Kjell Jørgen Hole, Director SIMULA UiB

Member: Lilya Budaghyan, Professor, The Department of Informatics

Member: Eirik Rosnes, Head of Department, SIMULA UiB


Link to the trial lecture: https://uib.zoom.us/j/69491385849?pwd=RFJSYnRTOHFJUEpnMTBTZ2hmVTdoUT09


All are welcome to join.