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The City of Bergen

Bergen is a city of 250,000 inhabitants, situated on the mountaineous western coast of Norway. A striking feature to many newcomers is the city's abundance of green parks, tree-lined streets and lakes and its spectacular setting between the mountains and the sea. Bergen's annual rainfall of more than 2,000 mm makes it a rather humid place, especially in the autumn. The winter is relatively mild for a location at 60 degrees N, with only short and rare periods of cold spells. Skiing conditions in Bergen are therefore unreliable, but the nearby mountains offer stable snow conditions within easy reach. The city lies at the entrance to the fjords, one of the major geographical tourist attractions in Norway.

The city of Bergen has a long history in shipping, fishing and trade. German Hanseatic merchants settled here in the early Middle Ages, giving the city a certain "continental" touch. The historical links with Europe are clearly visible in architecture, in shop front names, and may be heard in many words in the local dialect.

Bergen is the administrative and educational centre of Western Norway. The city has a remarkably dynamic cultural life. The close connections between the composer Edvard Grieg and the city have contributed to an active involvement in music, and the city has a symphony orchestra of high international standard. The Bergen International Music Festival, held each year at the end of May, is of real importance. Many famous orchestras, ballet companies and theatre ensembles have participated over the years. The theatre where Henrik Ibsen was once director lies in the heart of the city. The city sports a wide variety of cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants, offering specialities from all over the world.


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