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Data Analytics Workshop

Data Analytics Workshop

The Data Analytics Workshop brings together scholars from information science and communication studies to discuss the methods and tools used for automatic content analyses of various kinds. Whether analyzing news content, websites, blogs or the journalistic framing of news, computational and automated methods can aid in the investigation of large quantities of data. Topic modelling, semantic network analysis, automatic content analysis and entity detection are some of the tools used in media research today to ascertain the content and meanings of editorial texts. This workshop brings together scholars from across Europe to discuss the challenges and opportunities that reside in these methods, and the potentials that lie in combining information science and media studies methods into a hybrid approach to the computational study of texts.

The Workshop opens with a round of presentations on day one, followed by a roundtable discussion on day two. It takes place at the Infomedia Department, from 13:30 Thursday 24 August to 16:00 Friday 25 August. Location: 5th floor Corner Room.

The Data Analytics Workshop is organized by the Methods Forum at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies. Given the contributory format of the workshop, participation is by invitation. Contact research professor Helle Sjøvaag for information.

The Workshop is organised with support from Universitetsfondet and the Department of Information Science and Media Studies.