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Journalism Re-examined

The digital era has posed innumerable challenges to the business and practice of journalism.


Journalism Re-examined
Journalism Re-examined
Montasje: Rune Arntsen

Journalism Re-examined sets out an institutional theoretical framework for exploring the journalistic institution in the digital age and analyzes how it has responded to those profound changes in its social and professional practices, norms, and values. Building their analysis around the concept of these changes as reorientations, the contributors present a number of case studies, with a particular emphasis on journalism in the Nordic countries. They explore not just straight news and investigative journalism, but also delve into lifestyle and documentary coverage, all with the aim of understanding the reorientations facing journalism and the ways they might present a sustainable future path.

Edited by Martin Eide, Helle Sjøvaag, and Leif Ove Larsen Journalism Re-examined - ISBN: 978-1-78320-718-3  - University of Chicago Press - 2016

Helle Sjøvaag is Research Professor, Martin Eide and Leif Ove Larsen is Professor at Department of Information Science and Media Studies, UiB.