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Åpent seminar

"Why can't I find anything I want to watch?" post-television search and discovery

Content discovery is now a major challenge for the television industry. In the days of broadcast TV, the scheduling grid gave users an easy way of scanning available content. Nowadays TV is available across many different (often subscription-based) platforms. Users face torturous journeys to find content. In addition, each domestic market has its own specific constellation of services.

Why can't i find anything to watch
Why can't i find anything to watch?


This seminar hopes to survey the difficulties and propose the route towards a user-friendly means of content discovery.

An introduction to the situation in the UK can viewed in the following clip: https://vimeo.com/180765099


1. Introduction and statement of the problem of content search and discovery, by John Ellis, Professor II, Dept. Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen, and Professor of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London.

2. Presentation by Kristian Bruarøy, Head of TV2 Sumo. 

3. Presentation by Csaba Veres, Associate Professor in Information Science, and Sematic and Social Information System Research Group, Dept. Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen.

4. Presentation by Ketil Moland Olsen, VP Product Development, and Børre Sandvik, SVP Product, Vimond Media Solutions.

5. Presentation by Professor John Ellis


Lunch will be served.

To register for the seminar please send an e-mail to ole.mjos@uib.no