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Watching in the Media 2018

Ready for the ViSmedia conference 2018? This year’s theme is “Watching in the Media”, and you are invited to a day packed with exciting news on media and new technologies.

Vismedia Conference 2018


At the conference, Watching in the Media will be highlighted from many perspectives. We will learn about digital surveillance in the attention economy, and explore hidden implications of Snap-mapping and outdoor VR experiments. We will also get an investigative glimpse into image sharing and revenge porn.

Moreover, we will get insights into automated content synthesis and its implications for journalism: What happens when images, videos and audios are put together not by humans, but by robots? These issues will be accompanied by a session on automating empathy in human-robot communication.

In an interactive panel debate, watching in the media will be highlighted in surprising ways. This session will be moderated by Kjetil Dale, host in TV2 News Channel.

”By illuminating polarities of watching and being watched, we want to prompt some important new debates,” says Professor Astrid Gynnild, leader of the research project ViSmedia at Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen.

At the conference you will meet outstanding presenters and researchers from Norway and the US—VG reporter Håvard Kristoffersen Hansen, Professor Paul C. Adams from the University of Texas at Austin, Professor Deborah C. Johnson from the University of Virginia, Associate Professor Nicholas Diakopoulos from Northwestern University, PhD-student Joakim Vindenes from the University of Bergen, and media students from the University of Bergen.

The conference is a free, collaborative event of ViSmedia and NCE Media; everyone interested in visual technologies, surveillance and the news is welcome to attend —  in particular, journalists, researchers, tech developers, students, and media teachers. The conference will last from 0900 to 1600.

Program and speakers