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Bjørnar Tessem: Artificial Intelligence: more than self-driving cars and face recognition

Welcome to the first speech in the new seminar series «AI Agora», held by Bjørnar Tessem

Bjørnar Tessem is the first speaker in AI Agora

Place: TekLab, Media City Bergen.

Time: June 6th: 14.15 - 15.30.


What is AI Agora?

In 1956 in Dartmouth, New Hamsphire, a group of scientists met up for discussions on how computers can be made more intelligent, and coined the term artificial intelligence (AI). Since then AI has been considered a part of computer science. It has had its ups and downs, with optimism in the 60-ies and 80-ies and less interest in other decades. Today AI is again a top topic both as a science and in the public. 

At the University of Bergen, researchers at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies have worked in the field for several decades. An agora is a Greek term for a meeting place where people discuss public matters (and also a market place). Thus, the AI Agora is an initiative from the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, and constitutes a lecture and discussion series about artificial intelligence in theory and as applied science. AI Agora presents international guests as well as local speakers. The organizers are Bjørnar Tessem, Marija Slavkovik and Lars Nyre. 

June 6th:  Bjørnar Tessem: Artificial Intelligence: more than self-driving cars and face recognition

Abstract: Artificial intelligence, the scare of many a movie, has suddenly become a reality in our lives; media stories about self-driving cars and cameras on the streets that recognize you are found in abundance. The current explosion in AI comes from machine learning techniques like convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning, but is this all there is to artificial intelligence? In this talk, we will see that AI is a lot more, with many alternative ways of representing knowledge, reasoning about it, and applying your conclusions. The presentation will touch upon topics like the history of AI, Good Old-Fashioned AI, what intelligence is, and thinking fast and slow. 

Biography: Bjørnar Tessem is professor in information science at the University of Bergen. His research covers many different topics, including artificial intelligence, location-based media, and empirical studies of software engineering. Within AI he has worked on reasoning with uncertainty, analogical reasoning, and applications in software engineering and fisheries surveillance.