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Teenage cultural participation: is the theory of distinction already (and still) relevant?

Teenage cultural participation: is the theory of distinction already (and still) relevant? By Pierre Mercklé, Professor of Sociology, Université Grenoble Alpes (France) Zoom link: https://uib.zoom.us/j/65014876251?pwd=WTJITTBTNjhLTlhqTXFBbHBHaXhyZz09

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Pierre Mercklé


In this seminar, Pierre Mercklé (Université Grenoble Alpes) will present his work on teenagers´ cultural participation. The book “L´enfance des loisirs” (Childhoods of leisure), written together with Sylvie Octobre, Christine Détrez and Nathalie Berthomier in 2010 was a seminal panel study of how teenagers cultural participation develops over time. Mercklé will revisit this study and his later work, discussing how their work demonstrates both the relevance and shortcomings of Bourdieu´s original analysis in “La Distinction” (1979).

"For the last four decades, French national surveys on cultural participation have largely been contributing to empirically validate Pierre Bourdieu's theory of distinction. Yet, these surveys have systematically been limited to cross-sectional studies of adult cultural participation, for which the model of distinction appears still relevant.

But is it also and “already” relevant for teenage cultural participation? This presentation aims at drawing an answer to that question from the findings of a 2000's large panel survey on French teenage cultural participation. After a critical presentation of the main constituting elements of Bourdieu’s “model of distinction”, I will discuss the principles of social differentiation of cultural participation among teenagers and their transformations as they grow older.
This discussion confirms and extends Bourdieu’s analysis, while clarifying some of its shortcomings, especially by offering a better rendering of temporal dimensions, effects of gender, and of internal differentiation of the tastes of lower-class teenagers."

About L´enfance des loisirs (in French) [http://pierremerckle.fr/2011/01/lenfance-des-loisirs/]