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Scandinavian Studies in Rhetoric

Boken inneholder 18 artikler tidligere publisert i Rhetorica Scandinavica. Artiklene er nå oppdatert og oversatt til engelsk for første gang.


Rhetorica Scandinavica has functioned to a great extent as a sower of academic seeds. As the journal has grown, rhetoric courses and programmes have multiplied across Scandinavia. The journal is one of the major sources of native-language literature in the field, articles frequently find a place on curricula. Thus, Rhetorica Scandinavica has had a significant impact
on the study of rhetoric in the Scandinavian countries.

The articles in this book are just a few highlights from 13 years – a total of over 225 peer-reviewed articles – of Rhetorica Scandinavica publications. They have been chosen to introduce some aspects of the study of rhetoric as it is performed in Scandinavia to a readership that is un - familiar with the three Scandinavian languages.

Jens E. Kjeldsen er professor ved Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap, Universitetet i Bergen.

Scandinavian Studies in Rhetoric - Sverige - 2012 -ISBN 978-91-86093-09-9 - Jens E. Kjeldsen & Jan Grue (red.) -  Retorikförlaget