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Nye publikasjoner fra professor Barbara Wasson

Nye publikasjoner fra professor Barbara Wasson


Measuring and Visualizing Learning in the Information-Rich Classroom
Edited by Peter Reimann, Susan Bull, Michael Kickmeier-Rust, Ravi Vatrapu, Barbara Wasson

Peter Reimann, Susan Bull, Michael Kickmeier-Rust, Ravi Vatrapu, Barbara Wasson

5. Data Literacy and Use for Teaching
Barbara Wasson and Cecilie Hansen

6. Teacher Inquiry into Students' Learning: Researching Pedagogical Innovations
Rosemary Luckin, Cecile Hansen, Barbara Wasson, Wilma Clark, Katerina Avramides, Jade Hunter, and Martin Oliver

Teacher Inquiry into Student Learning: - The TISL Heart Model and Method for use in Teachers’ Professional Development av Cecilie J. Hansen og Barbara Wasson DOI: 10.18261/issn.1891-943x-2016-01-02


Researchers have recently been calling for new models of teacher education and professional development for the 21st century. Teacher inquiry, where the teacher’s own practice is under investigation, can be seen both as a way to improve day-to-day teaching in the classroom and as professional development for teachers. As such, it should also have a role in teacher education. In this article, we present the iterative development of the TISL Heart, a theory-practice model and method of teacher inquiry into student learning, which has a particular emphasis on the use of student results generated in the information and technology-rich classroom. This article proposes that this practice-near model is particularly relevant for teacher education, as it draws upon existing practices in using student data at a progressive school that focuses on the use of technology to enhance student learning. The article concludes by discussing the implications for its role in teacher education, particularly related to data literacy and its use in teaching. 8261/issn.1891-943x-2016-01-02

Grand Challenge Problem 11: Empowering Teachers with Student Data
Barbara Wasson, Cecilie Hansen, Cecilie og Yishay Mor
I: Grand Challenge Problems in Technology Enhanced Learning II: MOOCs and Beyond. Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-12562_12 / ISBN:978-3-319-12561-9

Technology-rich learning environments generate rich streams of data pertaining to students and teachers actions and their outcomes. This data can be harnessed by teachers to monitor and improve their practice, but new methods and tools are needed that 1) help teachers to harness and interpret this data, and subsequently, 2) incorporate it into a framework of continuous professional development. Approaches and methods from teacher inquiry into student learning (TISL), learning design (LD), and learning analytics (LA) can be combined to support a teacher-led design inquiry of learning and innovation cycle. A transdisciplinary approach, which draws on insights from epistemic practice, pedagogical practice, design inquiry of learning, teacher inquiry, e-assessment, and learning and teaching analytics and visualisation, will produce methods and tools to enable teachers to reflect on their own teaching and student learning in order to improve teaching practice.

Barbara Wasson er professor ved Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap, UiB