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BC Memorial Lecture 2019

Parlo Singh: Bjørn Christiansen's Memorial Lecture 2019 and Workshops


Bjørn Christiansens minneforelesning 2019, Parlo Singh: Radical Inclusion Research in/with Schools Serving High Poverty Communities

Wednesday 11th of September 12:00-13:00, Christiesgate 12, 1st Floor, Auditorium 129).  

Parlo Singh Workshop: Research as a Common ‘Object’ in Cooperation Between Schools and Researchers/Research Institutions

Tuesday 10th of September 10:15-12:00, Christiesgate 13, 3rd Floor, SLATE


Parlo Singh Workshop: Theory – Method Nexus in Sociology of Education. Tracing Research Journeys through Key Concepts and Qualitative Research

Tuesday 10th of September 13:30-15:30, Christiesgate 13, 4th Floor, Department of Education, Room 425


Parlo Singh Workshop: The Concept of Inclusion in Educational Practice and Theory: the Challenge of Conceptualising Good Intentions

Wednesday 11th of September 14:00-16:00 Christiesgate 13, 5th Floor, The Board Room