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Midtveisevaluering - Knut Rypdal

Midtveisevaluering for ph.d.-graden ved Universitetet i Bergen for kandidat Knut Rypdal

Knut Rypdal er tilknyttet Klinisk institutt 1. Veiledere er Stål Kapstø Bjørkly, Rune Andreas Kroken, Rolf Gjestad og Stephen David Hart.


Development and validation of a Violence Risk Triage


The aim of this project is to contribute to the development and validation of a new Violence Risk Triage.  The first study will examine the prevalence, and co-occurrence, of violent behavior, suicidal behavior and violent victimization, recent and lifetime, among patients at a general psychiatric hospital in Norway. The second study will examine the association of violent and suicidal behavior and other clinical variables. The third study will assess the concurrent validity of the Violence Risk Triage through comparison to the Historical, Clinical, and Risk Management (HCR-20) violence risk assessment scheme.

For the first two studies data from a period of 18 month, and 1,695 consecutive psychiatric patients were admitted to the general psychiatric hospital in Norway, of which 1,688 were included in the study. Information about the three forms of violence and clinical variables were obtained from standardizes assessment at admission. Statistical methods included descriptive analysis and Configural Frequency Analysis.

In the third study we will collect data from a convenience sample of patients admitted to the general psychiatric hospital. Statistical methods will include bivariate analysis and ROC-analysis.

Lifetime prevalence of violent behaviour, suicidal behaviour and violent victimization was 47.8 %, 60.5 % and 55.1 % respectively, with a prevalence in one-year of 24.5 %, 48.0 % and 14.3 % respectively. Both having history of all the three violent forms, and having no history of any of them, occurred more often than expected by chance.

Having a history violent behaviour, suicidal behaviour and violent victimization was associated with more problems with daily living and social function.

Result from the third study is not ready yet.