Klinisk institutt 1

Midtveisevaluering - Martine Kajander

Midtveisevaluering for ph.d.-graden ved Universitetet i Bergen for kandidat Martine Kajander

Martine Kajander er tilknyttet Klinisk institutt 1. Veiledere er Ingelin Testad, Halvor Næss og Clive Ballard.


Health promotion and quality of life in dementia - User experiences from an educative intervention in early stage dementia


The overall aim of this PhD project is to explore the effect of a 12-week Health Promotion course in people with early-stage dementia and how they cope with their condition through attending the course. The project comprises three studies; 1) exploring the effects and experiences of attending a 12-week Health Promotion course, 2) describing barriers of coping with dementia and the support process and promoting elements of a 12-week health promotion intervention, and 3) exploring the characteristics of participants benefitting from attending a 12-week Health Promotion course.