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Midway evaluation

Midway evaluation - Luka Stanisavljevic



Working title: Prognostic and predictive factors of colorectal cancer

Colon cancer is a common malignancy in Norway and represents a high health burden. A prognostic factor determines the outcome of a disease.  A predictive factor is associated with response or lack of response to a particular therapy. Prognostic factors are useful as they identify patients who need more often follow-up or more aggressive therapy, but predictive factors can offer selective treatment. Predictive targets are needed for implementation of more targeted therapy and therefore introduction of personalised medicine.

A colorectal cancer resection has been standardised to complete mesocolic excision. However, the consensus has not been reached. We compare three hospitals in Norway which have implanted the standardisation to various degrees.         

In nineteen-nineties was the cytotoxic chemotherapy introduced for treatment of regional metastases of colorectal cancer. The challenge now is to identify a predictive factor for stage II and identify the subgroup of patients within stage III which respond to adjuvant chemotherapy.