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Master class - Julia King

Ruth Ahnert, Professor of Literary History & Digital Humanities at the School of English and Drama (Queen Mary University of London) is giving a master class for PhD candidate Julia King (IF) based on material from King's thesis "Mapping Books And Manuscript Around Syon Abbey, 1415-1539"



This thesis investigates Syon Abbey (founded 1415), England’s only Birgittine monastery, famous for its rich and varied book culture. Syon existed within a community of brothers, sisters, authors, book producers, printers, and patrons. Using network analysis, a popular digital humanities methodology seeing a rise in popularity within medieval studies, I investigate the nature of Syon’s communities from a number of perspectives including close reading, corpus studies, book history and quantitative statistical analysis. What emerges is a vision of a purposefully intertwined community of devout readers, whose links with the outside world enrich both their own experience of reading and the experience of reading in late-medieval England on the brink of Reformation.


Those who would like to read more, can contact Julia King via email: 




About the master - Ruth Ahnert

Professor of Literary History & Digital Humanities 

School of English and Drama

Queen Mary University of London, London, E1 4NS

Webpage: https://www.qmul.ac.uk/sed/staff/ahnertr.html



The master class will take place in room 435 in the HF bygget and on zoom.



We are looking forward to an engaging conversation. 

Everyone is welcome!