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Eystein Dahl på Brill

Postdoktor Eystein Dahls nye bok "Time, Tense and Aspect in Early Vedic Grammar" er utgitt i Brills satsing på nyskapende lingvistisk forskning innen det indo-europeiske språkområdet.

I forlagets omtale heter det:

"This book takes a fresh look at the relationship between aspect, tense and mood in Early Vedic, the language of the Rigveda. Although numerous studies have examined the functional range of individual verbal categories in this language, this work is the first attempt to approach this problem from an overall, systemic perspective. With insights from formal semantics and linguistic typology, the author demonstrates that aspect represents a grammatically relevant semantic dimension on a par with tense in the Early Vedic verbal system, thereby indicating that the language has preserved an aspectual opposition similar to the one found in Homeric Greek. Apart from these general findings, the book provides a theoretical framework designed for exploring inflectional semantics in dead languages."

Eystein Dahl er ansatt som postdoktor på instituttets forskningsprosjekt "Indo-European Case and Argument Structure in a Typological Perspective".