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Denis Gaidashev was employed as a postdoctoral fellow in the CAPA group 6th of October,having been a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, KTH, Stockholm and Universite de Montreal. Denis Gaidashev obtained his PhD degree from the University of Texas at Austin. His research is mainly in dynamical systems, mostly focusing on renormalization - a technique which is used to study various universality phenomena so common in dynamics, and which is also very useful for an analysis of ergodic properties of dynamical systems. He strives to find a good balance between analytic, numerical and rigorous computer-assisted approaches in his work. He also has a side interest in integrable PDE's and hydrodynamics.



Ferenc Bartha, who’s full name is Bartha Ferenc Ágoston, is a Ph.D. in the CAPA group since 10th of October, working with Dr. Warwick Tucker. His field of interest is dynamical systems and rigorous scientific computations. He is currently trying to improve certain numerical methods for solving PDEs. Ferenc Bartha is from Szeged, Hungary and made his studies in mathematics at the University of Szeged. He finished his major (=5 years university education, equals to bachelor + master together) in the spring of 2008, in his thesis he has proven the existence of a Morse-decomposition of the global attractor of state dependent delayed differential equations with a certain type of Lipschitz delays and threshold delays.