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Bildebehandling (Image Processing)

In our modern society, mathematical imaging, image processing and computer vision have become fundamental for gaining information on various aspects in sciences, and technology as well as in the public and private sectors. Technically, imaging and vision are concerned with the computation, visualisation and the automatic processing of (digital) data. Examples include digital images, which occur in everyday's life where analogue cameras have long been replaced by digital ones or where complex information is processed on smart devices or high resolution screens, as well as images and data resulting from all different kind of sensors, scanners, internets and other sources of samplings.

Reconstructed object from a real industrial CT scan
Reconstructed object from a real industrial CT scan
Input image for segmentation
Input image for segmentation
An example of segmentation


This group is interested in mathematical models, numerical algorithms and real industrial applications related to image processing (data analysis), computer vision and related machine learning and "big data " problems.

 Mathematical image processing and computer vision are created from these new information technologies. To extract and visualize complex data with large size, mathematical models and fast numerical implementations are crucial. Accordingly, applied mathematics, mathematical analysis, geometry, statistics and a number of pure mathematical areas are becoming central to this new research field. In addition, its vast applications areas and its connections to modern information technology are making this research field a really inter-displinary one.

In Norway, we have a number of industrial areas that are highly related to mathematical image processing and computer vision. The offshore industry, fishery, marine life, telecommunication as well as the heath care sector need researches related to image processing.

The mathematics department has strong traditions with computational mathematics, statistics, geometry and  analysis. Mathematical image processing and vision based on partial differential equations is an active research field within image processing and one of the main research activities of this group.


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