Det matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet

How to write opinion editorials

Writing course for researchers

Get going in your writing together with forskning.no! The course focuses on writing suitable texts about research and showing you how these can be used and adapted to different genres and media.


The course participants will receive personal coaching on their own texts, both during the course and for the next two weeks. A draft should be submitted one week before the course and can be up to one page long. Submitting text is recommended, but not mandatory. Our goal is that every participant will end up with a published text. Course is held in english. No fee!

Target group

Scientists from ph.d to professor and science communicators.


09:00    Introductions.
                  Practical exercise: This is what I do.

10:00    What can you write? Where can you write it? What is an Op-Ed?
                  Practical exercise: What am I trying to say?

11.00    Language: Difficult subjects in simple terms.
                  Practical exercise: My favourite word.

11.30    How to make your text interesting. News criteria, translated to academic tribespeak.
                  Practical exercise: This is why my text is worth reading.

12.30    Lunch.

13.30    Feedback on submitted texts.

14.30    Why you should be a part of the public debate.
                  Practical exercise: My favourite explanation.

15.00    How to attract your readers. Tips for headlines and openings.
                  Practical exercise: This is my new headline.

16.00    End.

There will be coffee breaks between the agenda items.

The goal is to get the texts from the course published as features or debate contributions, either with us at forskning.no or in other newspapers or media. If the text is written in English the goal will be to publish it in ScienceNordic.com.