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Interpraevent 2020:

Natural hazards in a changing world

The goal of the Interpraevent congresses is to bring together practitioners, decision makers and scientists to exchange knowledge about natural hazard risk reduction.

Stein Egil Liland/Pexels

The focus will be on integrated management of natural hazards and risk. Equally considering causes of disasters, as well as measures of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery in the view of climate and social changes.

This is the 14th Interpraevent congress, for the first time arranged in Norway!

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Through excellent speakers, held by leading experts, the following topics will be covered:

  • Risk Governance and Policies
  • Data Acquisition and Modelling
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Hazard and Risk Management

We expect over 600 delegates from around the world, this will be a good opportunity to meet and network with national and international colleagues, working with similar challenges.


There will also take place a variety of excursions during the congress. These will give insight into challenges regarded to natural hazard and a changing climate.

Both in the city of Bergen, as well as the small communities along the narrow landscapes of the west-coast of Norway, with steep mountains and deep fjords.