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Funding opportunities for education

Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine can apply for funding to support cooperation in higher education.

If you have any questions about the calls, please contact Evelyn.Holmoy@uib.no.


- Programme for Research and Innovation in the Education Sector (FINNUT): The FINNUT programme is seeking projects that explore educational issues in light of current societal challenges and provide analyses that will be of relevance to resolving these challenges. Researcher Projects must be based on research at the international forefront and help to strengthen international research cooperation. Importance will be attached to specific plans for international cooperation, international co-authoring, and mobility.

Projects that contribute to thematic, methodological and/or theoretical renewal will be prioritised. In this context, priority will be given to projects that have a multi- and interdisciplinary  approach. Deadline: 10 April at 13.00.

Unger-Vetlesen Medical Fund

- NEW: The Unger-Vetlesen Medical Fund: The fund invites applications from the Norwegian medical doctors for funds to be used for the pursuance of further medical studies or research outside Norway. The applicants must be Norwegian citizens and qualified MDs with a wish to become proficient in a major foreign language and familiarize themselves with medical development and research centered outside Norway. Applications are encouraged from medical doctors and researchers in early stages of their career. Deadline: 15 April 2019.


- Pre-announcement: The UTFORSK Partnership Programme supports project cooperation between higher education institutions in Norway and higher education institutions in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and South Africa.

Under the UTFORSK programme, Diku and the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) issue joint calls that aim to strengthen the cooperation between higher education and research institutions in Brazil and Norway, in all academic fields. Brazil is Norway's most important partner country in Latin America, and issuing joint calls with relevant funding agencies in Brazil is a priority in "Panorama", the Norwegian Government's strategy for cooperation in higher education and research with Brazil and five other priority countries in the period 2016-2020.

A new joint call between Diku and CAPES will be published early in 2019, with application deadline on 29 April 2019.

Centre of Excellence in Education

- NEW: Diku invites academic communities to apply for status of excellence in education. 3-6 new centres will be funded. A centre of excellence in education needs to stand out when it comes to quality in the ongoing education and should present an innovative and feasible plan for the centre that includes dissemination of knowledge and best practice. The 2019 announcement is open to all fields. Deadline: 29 April 2019. 

North America

- Pre-announcement: Partnership Program with North America: The program supports cooperation in higher education with Canada and the US. Central objectives are increased academic cooperation, increased connections between research and education, increased collaboration with enterprises in the public and private sectors, and increased student mobility.

Diku will publish a Call for Application 2019 for two-year Projects in mid-March with deadline in September 2019. More information will follow. For other programs supporting collaboration with the US and Canada, please see INTPART, InternAbroad or Globalink

Continuing deadlines

Scholarship for research stay abroad for PhD candidates and Post Doctors (Link in Norwegian) The offer for a scholarship for research stays abroad applies to PhD candidates and Post Doctors in projects with full or partial funding for the Research Council for a minimum of 24 months. The research stays abroad may last for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months.

Globallink – Scholarships to Canada (Link in Norwegian) Globalink allows for the Norwegian and Canadian master's and PhD students can apply for CAD 15.000 to conduct research practice in a business in the partner country.

Nærings-ph.d. (Industrial PhD) The overall objectives are to increase the recruitment of researchers to Norwegian industry, to boost long-term competence building and increase research efforts in business and industry and to enhance interaction between academia and industry.

Overseas research grants under the Industrial PhD Scheme

Offentlig ph.d. (OFFPHD) The overall objectives are to increase long-term and relevant capacity building and research in the public sector, increase recruitment of researchers to the public sector and promote greater interaction between academia and the public sector.

Overseas research grants under the Public PhD Scheme (Link in Norwegian)

Funding for companies with employees seeking to pursue a doctoral degree Funding is available for new candidates under the Industrial Ph.D. scheme, with project start-up in 2016. Grant proposals are not confined to particular thematic areas or industries.

Research and Innovation in the Educational Sector (FINNUT) (Link in Norwegian)

FINNUT is a long-term programme for research and innovation in the educational sector. The programme funds research on a wide spectrum from early childhood education and care to higher education and adult learning.

Mobility grants North America in educational research (UTNAM) The aim of the mobility grant is to contribute to increased cooperation between Norwegian and North American educational researchers through supporting visits to Norway for the purpose of research or dissemination for top North American educational researchers. The scheme will also contribute to the dissemination of results of North American research to Norway and furthermore contribute to competence building in Norwegian research communities. Grants will be awarded for visits of shorter or longer duration.

Independent basic research grants - Medicine, Health Sciences and Biology (FRIMEDBIO)